A word from the founder

Greetings Queens and Kings!

My name is Perrine and I am the owner of Silkonstans. I am from the French Caribbean (Guadeloupe), was raised in France and lived in London, UK for 7 years.

In 2010 after 5 years of relaxing my hair, I decided to go back natural and appreciate the beautiful crown that God blessed me with. Since then, I fell in love with textured hair and have been advising family and friends on how to care for their own.

It quickly came to my attention that the common concern was: how to keep my hair hydrated?

With Silkonstans, I am helping you locking in the moisture by offering fashionable satin-lined accessories that do not dry out your crowns.

I am very excited about this new journey and I truly hope you will enjoy my products.

Naturally yours,




Why Silk Satin?

You have probably already heard of Silk Satin, but do you know its benefits for your hair?

  • It helps retain moisture: contrary to cotton, it does not absorb moisture. Your hair will remain shiny and hydrated for longer.
  • It reduces brittle hair, thinning and breakage 
  • It minimises frizz: the Silk Satin fiber helps to maintain the natural definition of your hair and keeps your hairstyle neat for longer.

And although it may appear to be very delicate, it is resistant.

For long-lasting accessories, please ensure to follow our care advice.



Why "Silkonstans"?

It comes from two words:

  1. Silk, which refers to the Silk Satin used in our products.
  2. Constance (consistency in French), which suggests that the accessories must be used consistently in order to be beneficial.

The spelling Silkonstans is the creole version of Silkontance, for an added Caribbean touch!

Last but not least, Silkonstans is a play on the word "circumstance", because at Silkonstans we've got you under any circumstances!