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If you are struggling with keeping your hair moisturised and having a hard time preserving your hairstyles, you are at the right place!

Silkonstans offers satin-lined accesssories that help you with moisture retention throughout the day and night. 

Stylish and comfortable, they are also suitable for any type of hair.

So come on, have a look around and pamper the only crown you can't ever take off!


  • Denim Ponycap - Kid

    PRE-ORDER the Kid Denim Ponycap.  The perfect summer cap for your babies! Unisex, stylish &...

    23,00€ inc. tax

  • Pompom Beanie - Kid

    Thick, cute and modern, this pompom beanie protects the crown of your little ones while keeping the...

    18,00€ inc. tax

  • Night Bonnet - Kid

    This satin bonnet stays on even throughout the roughest nights. From 3 years old.     Currently...

    13,00€ inc. tax


    Perfect for any occasion, our e-gift card is: - Valid for 1 year on the whole collection  - Non-nominative -...

    0,00€ inc. tax

  • Bucket Hat

    A timeless classic bucket hat to add to your Silkonstans’ collection! It fits any dressing...

    25,00€ inc. tax

  • Satin Donut

    Say hello to your new bun staple! Whether you like them high or low, small or big, sleek or messy,...

    8,00€ inc. tax

  • PonyBand

    Have you ever tried to wear a regular beanie when your crown is up? Right! So now you know why this...

    20,00€ inc. tax

  • Classic Beanie

    This classic beanie combines protection and finesse. Thick and comfy, it secures your crown while...

    20,00€ inc. tax

  • PonyCap Premium

    More subtle, this PonyCap adds an elegant touch for a perfect street chic style. Currently available...

    25,00€ inc. tax Unavailable

  • Baby Hair Scarf

    Here is the new staple for any sleek styles! This baby hair scarf lays them down in a few minutes,...

    8,00€ inc. tax Unavailable

  • Satin Scrunchies (Set of 3)

    If you often find a few strands stuck to your elastic band when loosing your hair, then look no further. These...

    5,00€ inc. tax Unavailable

  • Classic Cap

    Should we go back to basics? This classic cap is everything you need: timeless, adjustable and...

    20,00€ inc. tax

  • Long Bonnet

    How many of you sleep with an umconfortable bun on your neck to make your long crown fit your night...

    15,00€ inc. tax Unavailable

  • Pompom Beanie

    Thick, cute and modern, this pompom beanie adds the final touch to your outfits. Whether you'd like...

    20,00€ inc. tax

  • PonyCap Classic

    This PonyCap is ideal for streetwear. It complements perfectly your casual outfits all year long. Currently...

    25,00€ inc. tax Unavailable

  • Night Bonnet

    If you've got textured hair, I am sure you know that sleeping with a satin bonnet is the golden...

    15,00€ inc. tax



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